Funny Python

If a programming language is named after a sketch comedy troupe, one knows what to expect. Python IS a funny language with its own bag of surprises.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

For instance, If you’ve just moved from a language such as C to Python and you’re missing curly braces (how can one not want whitespaces!!), and you try this:

>>> from __future__ import braces

from __future__ import braces
Click Image for Larger View

Or say, if you try importing this.

>>> import this

import this
A sense of humour is required for proper interpretation

Or if you ever wanted to know why XKCD’s Cueball left Perl for Python, you should know, that it was for gravity defying stunts that he couldn’t perform anywhere else. Just import antigravity!

>>> import antigravity

You’re led to this webcomic on your browser.

import antigravity

So the upshot is that you can get tickled and trolled by Python every now and then, keeping in line with its rich tradition of doing so (check out video below).



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