This blog documents my (coding + data science) learning journey, starting from collosal newb status. Yes, I was one back in early 2015 when I started this blog. I like to think I’m less of a newb now. The posts on this blog are about programming in Python and R. Some of my posts also use GNU Octave from time to time.

This blog primarily documents my learning. I find blogging an excellent way to structure my learning into notes (that just happen to be blog posts).

I’m currently a Masters Student of Economics at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, an advanced research institute fully funded by India’s Central Bank, the RBI. I also have a background in electrical engineering and got my bachelors degree from NIT Warangal, India.

I pursued a brief internship at a Fintech start-up called PaySense and got a flavor of data science at the workplace. I am still learning and exploring. I’m interested in econometrics, statistical learning, machine learning and data science and their interactions with economics and public policy.

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