Command Line (An absolute MUST if you want to learn to code)

Command Line Crash Course
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
Lhunath’s Bash Guide

Python MOOCs
Rice University’s Fundamentals of Computing (MOOC)
An Introduction to Computer Science using Python – a MOOC by MIT

Python for Economists

An introduction to Python for Economists
Quantitative Economics using Python – Tutorials by Thomas Sargent and John Stachurski

Python Books:

Another List of Books:

  •  – about 50 books –  Another good list of free python books that is kept up to date, and I believe are all free or open-source: (I won’t repeat all the books on the list here, just go check it out! Some are also on the list above, but not all)

Further Online Learning:

Note: Most of this list has been copied / borrowed from a forum from IIPP MOOC offered by Rice University.